Special Education

We believe that every student can learn and has the right to learn and access the curriculum in a least restrictive environment. We have a responsibility to provide quality teaching and learning experiences which will enable every student to reach their potential and become valued and successful members of their community. Our role is to facilitate the successful inclusion of students with a disability into a comprehensive senior college by equipping students with skills which will enable them to navigate daily school life in a predictable, supportive and caring environment. Our focus is on preparing students for the transition to post school life through the provision of reasonable, meaningful, rigourous and dignified adjustments when required, differentiated instruction and individualised transition planning. Our faculty is comprised of experienced and highly qualified professionals who embrace regular reflection of their teaching, are actively involved in their own professional learning and are current with the latest research and best practice in the area of Disability and Special Education. We are dynamic and innovative educators who work collaboratively with students, families, colleagues and outside agencies, to ensure students achieve their individual academic, vocational and personal goals.