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Acacia Gardens resident chosen from among 9000 students

ACACIA Gardens resident Jemmah McMaster has been selected as part of the 38 students from NSW whose major work will be exhibited at The Art Gallery of NSW.

The 18-year-old former Wyndham College student will showcase her work Girl Factory at ARTEXPRESS, which showcases the most outstanding artworks produced by the 2016 NSW HSC visual arts students.

Miss McMaster is ecstatic about being chosen for her photomedia work which aims to tackle “the stereotypical image of how girls are portrayed”.

She took images of her friend dressed in several costumes.

“I put together eight photos with one of my close friends doing a range of activities … with each image taking about two to three weeks to produce,” Miss McMaster said.

“I tried to impersonate what other girls would look like in the photos, and my friend’s very girlie and skinny, and I thought it would be a good idea to base it on her.

“In the editing stages the figures began to look more doll-like, which was the intended goal.”

The work was chosen from among 9004 visual arts students from public and private schools.



Exhibition curator Leeanne Carr said: “I continue to be impressed by the innovation of student artists and their confidence with experimental techniques to produce outstanding expressive works.”