Technology and Applied Sciences

At Wyndham College we develop in our students the ability to be able to consider and be aware of the impact that designers and the nature of design has upon the world.

The Technology and Applied Studies (TAS) faculty utilises both traditional and industry standard technologies to provide students with opportunities to engage in innovative design activities from a creative and practical aspect.

The rapid rate of technological change in an increasingly knowledge-based society highlights the need for flexible technological capability, innovative thinking and effective communication skills.  Vital life skills such as team work, communication, time management and organisational skills underpin all Technology and Applied Studies design projects.

TAS electives provide the opportunity for students to complete practical projects which are both challenging and rewarding. They allow students to develop a range of skills which are an asset both personally and later in the workplace.

Course choices in TAS include Community and Family Studies, Construction, Food Technology, Design and Technology, Engineering Studies, Industrial Technology Timber products and furniture Technologies and Graphic Technologies, Hospitality and Textiles and Design.

Richmond Dallas 1.jpg

Dallas Richmond HT


 Dallas is passionate about developing his students problem solving and fabricating skills. He likes to inspire his students to develop their creativity through the practical development of a range of projects using innovative design practices. Dallas’ expertise is through working with Timber, metal and ICT fields with graphics and digital media software and emerging technology such as 3D printing .

Mark Daines

Technology Educator

Mark uses his artisan skills and love of material combinations to inspire students to develop projects that exemplify their abilities, using the tools and equipment available to them.

Anthony Depalo

Anthony ensures that he models best practice when delivering lessons and readily delivers professional learning for the benefit of all students and staff. He avails himself to students who seek support with concepts or projects, whilst also motivating students to critically analyse and explore diverse and creative design solutions.

Samantha Murdoch

Samantha is a trained in Technology Education specialising in Textiles and Design and Multimedia. She is passionate about the wellbeing of young people and empowering her students through finding a passion for creativity and design. She has a background in fashion design and art history and brings this knowledge into her classroom to motivate and engage her students.

Alaina Radzieta

Alaina is a self-directed, enthusiastic educator with a passion and commitment for student development through challenging, enriching and innovative classroom activities. She strives to foster cooperative, independent learning by promoting students to construct a learning environment that stimulates and helps them to realise their full potential. 

Kasia Sabel

Kasia was a professional chef and now a educator who is passionate about teaching students about the industry and making sure that they have realistic experiences and expectations whilst developing the love of cooking.