Rachel Zoglmeyer


In both the Preliminary and HSC courses, students will gain widening experience in Performance, Composition, Musicology and Listening through the study of the various concepts of music. Students study 3 topics each year from a list of 21 which range from Classical to Pop, Jazz and Rock music. Students are encouraged both to broaden their listening experiences as well as specialising in their chosen areas.
In the HSC course, in addition to the Core Studies, students must select 3 electives from Performance, Composition and/or Musicology. This accounts for 60% of the final course mark.

Amanda Tong

I love teaching Music because I am sharing my passion with young people who also love the subject. We share our various musical experiences and develop a new understanding across all musical genres. It is satisfying seeing students develop over the two years, and becoming successful and confident musicians.


In the Preliminary and HSC courses, students will study: The concepts of music through learning experiences in performance, composition, musicology and aural within the context of a range of styles, periods and genres. Students study one Mandatory Topic covering a range of content and one Additional Topic in each year of the course. In the Preliminary course the Mandatory Topic is Music 1600 – 1900, in the HSC course the Mandatory Topic is Music of the Last 25 Years (Australian focus). Options include: Jazz, Technology in Music and Pop.

In addition to core studies in performance, composition, musicology and aural, students nominate ONE elective study in Performance, Composition or Musicology. Students selecting Composition or Musicology electives will be required to compile a portfolio of work as part of the process of preparing a submitted work. The portfolio may be requested by the Board of Studies to validate authorship of the submitted work.