Uniform Policy


  • All students of Wyndham College are expected to wear full school uniform
  • All students of Wyndham College have read and signed the College Code of Conduct which endorses the wearing of full school uniform
  • DEC  Friends of Wyndham College and the SRC support the Wyndham College uniform policy which was collaboratively developed by parents, staff and students originally in 1998
  • Students who are experiencing financial difficulties are encouraged to access the Student Assistance Scheme funding
  • Every staff member has a responsibility to maintain the College’s uniform policy

Policy – Process of updating the uniform.  Request from Friends of Wyndham

Students should wear

  • Black leather closed in shoes
  • (Girls) Blue collared blouse with school skirt or black slacks (not jeans)
  • (Boys) Blue collared shirt or polo with black trousers or shorts (not jeans)
  • White socks (unless under long pants)
  • Minimal safe jewellery
  • School jacket / jumper/varsity jacket
  • Only plain white undershirts to be worn

Note Caps, beanies etc should not be worn inside buildings. Uniform Committee to investigate emblem embroidered shirt.


Stage 1

  • All classroom teachers to be vigilant in ensuring that students are wearing correct uniform in all classes.
  • Teachers to complete Uniform Check forms when appropriate.
  • During Admin teachers should check the uniform of all students in their group
  • Teachers should place an X on the U box underneath the name of any student who is not in full uniform
  • If a student has a note from a parent explaining why the student is not in uniform, then the Admin teacher should complete a uniform default notice (in rolls).  The admin teacher should ensure that the default notice has a starting and finishing date.  The student must keep the note and produce it when requested by any staff member
  • When the rolls are returned to the office, the name of the uniform defaulter will be entered on the Academy system
  • When the student gains 3 uniform defaults the office will send out a letter to the parents outlining the school uniform policy and encouraging the parents to support this policy

Stage 2 - Head Teacher Intervention

  • On a weekly basis the office will print out a list of uniform defaulters give it to the Head Teacher supervising uniform
  • On Monday at executive meetings Head Teachers will be given a list of uniform defaulters for their allocated roll groups.  Head Teachers will visit these students on a weekly basis and determine why these students are not able to comply with the school uniform policy.

Head Teachers should endeavour to persuade students to wear full uniform. Parent contact should be made.  Sanctions / Punishments may be applied.

As a final resort non compliant students should be referred to the DP responsible for each year.

Stage 3 - Deputy Principal Intervention

Upon referral the DP will interview student and ascertain why the student remains out of uniform despite repeated requests and offers of help to comply with the uniform code. The procedure may be followed by

  • Parent interview
  • A further offer of SAS support
  • Detentions etc

The DP will determine the consequences for persistent failure to wear full school uniform and may refer the student to the Principal

Note: Appropriate sanctions may be imposed upon the student at any stage.

Examples of sanctions

  • Student to be placed on a list of students who will not be permitted to engage in extra-curricular school activities eg excursions/sporting representation  (DP/HT)
  • Student may not be invited to attend graduation or formal   (Principal/DP)
  • A school reference may not be provided  (Principal/DP)
  • After school detention
  • School Service  (All staff)
  • Other

Uniform Price List