Discipline Policy




Statement of Purpose

Wyndham College is a more adult learning community whose shared vision involves:

  • Promoting success and innovation in a joyful environment
  • Striving to meet the educational needs of all students
  • Focusing on the educational and welfare needs of students and staff
  • Providing students with access to a variety of educational opportunities
  • Encouraging staff, students and the community to work together to widen horizons
  • Enhancing Precinct and collegiate partnerships to provide students with a seamless learning pathway
  • Promoting leadership in pedagogy, welfare and learning partnerships
  • Encouraging staff and students to strive to achieve beyond their perceived potential

In order to offer an environment and conditions in which this vision can be realized it is essential that the College has in place a system that promotes self discipline and orderly conduct. The message of mature and respectful interaction is conveyed through processes and instruction both from teacher to student and between students.



Wyndham College enhances its more adult learning environment through:

  • Valuing and providing opportunities for all students to develop the skills involved in positive relationships, social responsibility, problem solving and conflict resolution.
  • Establishing a clear Code of Conduct, a philosophy statement (The Wyndham Way), and attendance monitoring procedures which are understood by all college community members;
  • Maximising student participation in decision making and ensuring that principles of equity and fairness in all aspects are reflected in college practice;
  • Recognising the relationship between student and staff welfare and ensuring that staff welfare is also a priority;
  • Providing resources and opportunities for students to gain leadership experience.



  • The College will be a calm, ordered, mature and cohesive learning community where individuals respect one another, take responsibility and work together towards achievement.
  • All members of the College community will enjoy the benefits of a safe school environment, free from unruly behaviour.
  • The College will be an inclusive environment reflecting the just and agreed values of the community and welcoming community participation in the life of the school.
  • The students will be respected, supported and participate in all aspects of College life.