School Policies

Uniform Policy

  • All students of Wyndham College are expected to wear full school uniform
  • All students of Wyndham College have read and signed the College Code of Conduct which endorses the wearing of full school uniform
  • DEC  Friends of Wyndham College and the SRC support the Wyndham College uniform policy which was collaboratively developed by parents, staff and students originally in 1998
  • Students who are experiencing financial difficulties are encouraged to access the Student Assistance Scheme funding
  • Every staff member has a responsibility to maintain the College’s uniform policy

Policy – Process of updating the uniform.  Request from Friends of Wyndham

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Discipline Policy

Wyndham College is a more adult learning community whose shared vision involves:

  • Promoting success and innovation in a joyful environment
  • Striving to meet the educational needs of all students
  • Focusing on the educational and welfare needs of students and staff
  • Providing students with access to a variety of educational opportunities
  • Encouraging staff, students and the community to work together to widen horizons
  • Enhancing Precinct and collegiate partnerships to provide students with a seamless learning pathway
  • Promoting leadership in pedagogy, welfare and learning partnerships
  • Encouraging staff and students to strive to achieve beyond their perceived potential


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Homework Policy

 Homework refers to any activities that students are asked to complete outside of class time. Homework helps students by complementing and reinforcing classroom learning. It helps to establish patterns of behaviour for lifelong learning, self-discipline, concentration and study.

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ICT Access Policy

This policy establishes principles and procedures for the effective use and safe management of Wyndham College’s Information Communication Technology (ICT) services.

This policy is to be considered in conjunction with the policies and memoranda of DEC

Rules For Acceptable Use
Use of ICT services must be in support of responsible educational and research purposes and be consistent with the College curriculum objectives. Inappropriate use will subject a student to College disciplinary action, which may include short or long term periods of probation, suspension or termination of independent access to technology.

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Code of Conduct

Wyndham College seeks to provide you the opportunity to gain:


  • A sense of purpose and motivation to excel
  • Self-confidence, self-esteem and the satisfaction of achievement
  • A life long commitment to learning
  • The ability to make judgements and decisions
  • Further communication skills, complementing the skills that you possess

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School Community Charter

The following School Community Charter outlines the responsibilities of parents, carers, educators and school staff in NSW public schools to ensure our learning environments are collaborative, supportive and cohesive.

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