Beth O'Connor

Beth has eighteen years of experience in teaching across all senior English courses, Ancient History and Modern History at Wyndham College. She brings together her deep knowledge of subject content, her significant HSC marking experience and love of books and artefacts to take her students on a fascinating journey through literature and the past.

Maree Ackling (ESL)

Maree’s specialisation is teaching the Preliminary and HSC Senior ESL (EAL/D) Courses as well as the Standard English Course. Maree has been a member of the Wyndham College staff since 2006.

Tim Macintyre

Tim Macintyre is a Sydney University graduate with over of 13 years’ experience in the department. He has a deep seeded passion for education, especially in Western Sydney. He has achieved strong results in both the Higher School and School Certificate, consistently beating the state averages in the higher bands 4 and 5. At an executive and welfare standpoint he has amassed over 45 weeks as a Head Teacher and 7 years as a student advisor. He specialises in both English and Geography.

Dimitri Papanis

An English class is where students find their voice. We learn to connect our experience with the world and with others. The appreciation of stories can help shape and inspire our own.

Nitha Sewlall

Nitha Sewlall is an experienced member of the English Faculty where she teaches Preliminary & HSC Standard English and English Studies. She also coordinates the Fast Forward Program for Western Sydney University.

Sally Govett

Teacher Librarians are highly skilled information and education experts playing key roles in driving student academic performance. They ensure that students make the right reading and information choices, perform at their highest levels, and acheive great HSC results. Sally has worked in primary and secondary school libraries in Sydney and overseas for more than 15 years and is passionate about curating quality print and digital resources for students and staff.

Sarah Minol

Sarah is a dance teacher who is extremely inspired by her subject area. She strives to work hard with her students to motivate, encourage and help them achieve the best results technically and artistically. She is also committed to helping her class choreograph and create their major study works, as well as instilling a passion for dance in her students.

Amanda Tong

I love teaching Music because I am sharing my passion with young people who also love the subject. We share our various musical experiences and develop a new understanding across all musical genres. It is satisfying seeing students develop over the two years, and becoming successful and confident musicians.