Social Science

We are ALL connected to and a part of what is studied within the Social Sciences. The enjoyment in teaching and learning any Social Sciences course stems from the fact that they involve the study of society and the relationships of individuals within a society.

Students develop skills in gathering, organising and evaluating information from a variety of sources for class and coursework, as well as for fieldwork and major projects of personal interest. The acquire knowledge and understanding of different cultures and develop perspectives that enhance their understanding of the world. The study of Social Science courses enables students to form and assess their own ideas and opinions, as well as those of others. This ultimately forms a solid basis for them to actively participate in global and community life through sustainable practices, contributing to the creation of a just society, promoting intercultural understanding and lifelong learning.

Kellie Boyd

Boyd Kellie.jpg

An endless passion for teaching, coupled with a desire to share her love for the Social Sciences drives Kellie to encourage, support and lead staff and students to achieve their best and celebrate their successes. Kellie works hard to identify a student’s interests and abilities in order to assist them to believe in their own capabilities and achieve their goals.

Paramjit Phokela

Paramjit has high expectations of her students and encourages each of them to always work at their best level. She believes in developing a strong, trusting relationships with students. Her long experience as a HSC marker in several HSC courses adds to how much she is able to support and encourage her students.

Natasha Scott

The best thing about teaching at Wyndham for Natasha is the opportunity to provide students with learning outside the classroom walls, to enlighten students on the world that surrounds them through excursions and field trips. Additionally, her experience as a HSC Marker allows her to help students to become successful life-long learners who are socially and culturally aware of the issues around them – and act on making a difference!

Yatesh  Kashyap

Yatesh has been an educator for over 20 years both in Australia and internationally. She has extensive experience as a HSC Senior and Judge Marker in Business Services, Business Studies and Economics. She has written for the Sydney Morning Herald analysing the impact of the GFC on the Australian economy. Yatesh values the role she has to play in guiding young people towards being successful members of society.

Sue Gounder

In Su's work as an experienced Social Sciences teacher she is dedicated to bringing about positive change and transformation in the lives of young people so that they not only achieve academic success but are also able to make wise decisions in their lives