Students  study dance as a unique art form in which the body is the instrument for non-verbal communication and expression It is organised around the three core components of:

• Performance
• Composition
• Appreciation.

Students are then given the opportunity to study further in depth one of these components.

• The performance component is based on the fundamentals of classical ballet and modern dance techniques
• Composition involves learning the processes of creating dances and student will gain experience in choreographing for individuals and groups
• Appreciation involves the study of various choreographers, their styles and their influence on the development of dance.

The interrelation of the course components is a major feature and is emphasised through both the Preliminary and HSC courses.
This subject is to be considered a study of the ‘art of dance’ associated with technical qualities or levels of execution related to the performance of a particular movement.

Sarah Minol

Sarah is a dance teacher who is extremely inspired by her subject area. She strives to work hard with her students to motivate, encourage and help them achieve the best results technically and artistically. She is also committed to helping her class choreograph and create their major study works, as well as instilling a passion for dance in her students.