Future focused learners require problem-solving skills, intercultural understanding, high-level literacy and well developed communication skills, to become informed, engaged and inter-connected global citizens.

Languages education plays an important role in the development of these skills, opening up dynamic and expansive future career opportunities.

Wyndham College provides for students with varying degrees of experience and proficiency in the language course they choose.

The languages teachers at Wyndham College are highly committed, experienced and determined to provide students with quality teaching, nurturing students to develop the skills necessary to operate within the global world.

Miriam Birkmann-Little

A teacher of French and German with over three decades of experience in public education. She is an enthusiastic person who feels learning a language is the best thing you can do. She aims to blend today’s technologies and ideas into learning experiences so that all the students leave Wyndham College with great memories and skills. Helping young people along their life journey and knowing you have had an influence is humbling.

William Sexton

An experienced languages teacher of Japanese at both Wyndham College and Riverstone High School, William is passionate about giving students the opportunity to learn about Japan and Japanese culture.




Open High School

Students at Wyndham College can elect to enrol in a Languages course through the Open High School. More information and enrolment conditions and instructions can be found on the Open High School website.