Students at Wyndham College can tailor their English courses to suit their interests and capitalise on their experiences and abilities. They can take a journey through the world of literature and letters or they can focus on developing specific skills to strengthen their ability to communicate in any workplace.

Wyndham College offers the entire complement of BOSTES approved and endorsed English Courses.

Beth O’Connor HT

O'Connor Beth.jpg


Beth has nineteen years of experience in teaching across all senior English courses in addition to Ancient and Modern History at Wyndham College. She brings together her deep knowledge of subject content, her significant HSC marking experience and her personal love of books and artefacts to take her students on a fascinating journey through literature and the past.

Maree Ackling

Maree’s specialisation is teaching the Preliminary and HSC Senior ESL (EAL/D) Courses as well as the Standard English Course. Maree has been a member of the Wyndham College staff since 2006.

Toyer Christian

Jason Ewing-Jarvie

Whilst also an accomplished History and English teacher, Jason has been at the forefront of developing the English Studies and Build-a-Bike courses at Wyndham. He brings a plethora of life experiences and strong curriculum knowledge into a dynamic and highly motivated classroom.

Tim Macintyre

Tim Macintyre is a Sydney University graduate with extensive experience in public education in Western Sydney. He focuses on deepening his students’ textual knowledge and ability to translate their understanding into strong response writing. This has seen Tim’s students achieve at levels above state average.

Dimitri Papanis

An English class is where Dimitri’s students find their voice. They learn to connect their experience with the world and with others. Appreciating that stories can help shape and inspire their own journeys.

David Macleod- Jones DP

As the Deputy Principal at Wyndham College since 2011, David also teaches an English class every year, taking them through to the HSC.

David values the opportunity, albeit in only a relatively short period of time, to work with wonderful young men and women who he sees graduate and embrace their bright futures.

Lilijana Ristevski

Lilijana has joined the Wyndham College English family this year. She brings a wealth of experiences in both English teaching and welfare programs.

David J Ryan

David seeks to empower his students to speak out and make informed, positive contributions to their worlds. David is actively involved in many aspects of College life.

Nitha S.

Nitha S is an experienced member of the English Faculty where she teaches Preliminary & HSC Standard English and English Studies. She also coordinates the Fast Forward Program for Western Sydney University.

Vanessa Wickens