The Wyndham Way


Our Mission

Our school seeks to provide quality education that prepares young people to take their place in a rapidly changing society – hence our motto: “Working Together to Widen Horizons”

Learning and Teaching Principles.
Students and teachers at Wyndham College share an enjoyable and productive learning and working environment in a climate of mutual respect and understanding.

Students at Wyndham College:


  • Take responsibility for their own learning and contribute to the learning of others
  • Are happy and motivated
  • Are inquiring, organised, cooperative and enthusiastic
  • Understand how they learn
  • Employ problem solving and critical thinking skills, are collaborative and technologically competent
  • Are unafraid to seek assistance, are able to deal with setbacks and learn from their mistakes
  • Have effective communication skills
  • Test the limits of their ability and achieve their potential.


Teachers at Wyndham College:


  • Create a learning environment which is safe, enjoyable, non-threatening, stimulating and motivating
  • Are enthusiastic about student learning and welfare
  • Aspire to best practice
  • Teach to individual learning needs and learning styles
  • Have high expectations of their students
  • Reflect on their practice and seek ongoing professional growth
  • Assist students to identify goals, develop organisation and maintain motivation.
  • Deal with the action, not the person
  • People are more important than things
  • The good of the group is more important than the good of one or a few
  • Practice respect and tolerance for others and have a sense of social responsibility.