Principal's Message

"Wyndham students are engaged in quality learning experiences that are
relevant, challenging, achievable and stimulating."

(Karen Smith, College Principal)

Welcome to the Wyndham College Website.

At Wyndham College we specialise in preparing students for the Preliminary HSC (in Year 11) and the HSC in Year 12. A number of flexible pathways exist to provide for the vocational and academic needs of students. Wyndham College has a Special Education facility and also prepares students for the Life Skills HSC.

Students at Wyndham enjoy a very different learning environment that instils in them a work ethic and a set of values that will give them the edge for their future studies and careers. We see ourselves here as a college community which has a more adult environment. The campus provides students with the widest possible curriculum choices including a comprehensive range of academically challenging Board Developed courses, an extensive range of Board Endorsed courses and a large offering of VET (Vocational Education and Training) courses.

Facilities at the campus are outstanding. Students can take advantage of purpose built state-of-the-art facilities (commercial kitchen, office and retail spaces, computer laboratories and practical rooms for Visual Arts, Science and Industrial Arts), on-site course provision through the TAFE NSW - Western Sydney Institute and the opportunity to access first year courses through our partnership with the University of Western Sydney, Nirimba. Students can participate in the unique experience of engaging in a senior learning environment and more than half of our students leave with joint accreditation through TAFE and/or UWS.

Our motto

Working Together to Widen Horizons

in our students, for our students and by our students

At Wyndham we take very seriously our responsibility; of not only looking after our students, but in everything that we do, we try to move them towards the fulfillment of their real potential. Our mission here is to widen horizons to increase the possibilities. And we do that in our approach to what we teach and learn, how we teach and learn, and how we relate to one another.



Our Philosophy

 Our commitment at Wyndham College to provide programs that train our students to be effective learners – learning to learn.  Students will engage in experiences that will involve deep understanding, substantive conversation and higher order thinking.

Our students will benefit from the opportunity to learn in a senior learning environment that enhances their development as responsible, autonomous and self-directed learners.

We are totally committed to understanding the learning, social and cultural needs of all of our students and providing programs that optimise our capacity to meet these needs.  Our staff will ensure that all of our students will be provided with opportunities to develop as mature learners while they are supported in dealing with the challenges unique to their progress towards their development as young adults.

Our philosophy is based on the belief that all of our students will become increasingly skilled at identifying and setting goals based on achieving their personal best in all that they do.  Our school culture takes advantage of the development of the students as young adults, particularly their capacity to take greater responsibility for responding appropriately in both their learning and social environments.