Sally Govett

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Teacher Librarians are highly skilled information and education experts playing key roles in driving student academic performance. They ensure that students make the right reading and information choices, perform at their highest levels, and achieve great HSC results. Sally has worked in primary and secondary school libraries in Sydney and overseas for more than 16 years and is passionate about curating quality print and digital resources for students and staff.


The Platinum Club


Platinum Club provides a supportive learning environment and a more intensive curriculum delivery that enriches and extends the students learning. The focus is on providing mentoring support to students who form a part of the Platinum Club and have been identified as being highly motivated and academically focused.

The Platinum Year Advisor monitors Platinum students and offers support and guidance to enhance their learning and wellbeing at Wyndham College. Platinum students are given opportunities to participate in academic, enrichment and leadership programs that may lead to early entry and scholarships to university. Students must apply to be in Platinum Club and staff are carefully selected to teach Platinum classes.